Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lake Side Contemplation - Poetry

This morning I decided to go fishing. Since I like to catch small fish, I took some worms and my light weight fishing gear and headed over to the lake. Yep, actually walked to the lake – it’s that close. Once there I hooked up a worm (little thing barely fit on hook) and cast it out into the waters. I didn’t really expect much as there was a front moving in and the wind was blowing. Well my expectation was met – nary a bite did I get.

However, I did get to sit around for an hour or so and in that time I did contemplate my surroundings. So I took out my little notebook and sat on the bench on the pier and wrote a few things. The writings, in the form of haiku and poems, follow:

Ducks fly across sky

In formation synchronized

Twisted air ballet

Black bird swoops

Snaps up dragonfly

Morning snack

Strong southeastern wind

Flows across the lake waters

Cooling morning air

Wind pushes bobber

Line flies in the wind bowing

Poor day for fishing

Pleasant morning alone on the pier

Watching the wind rippled water

Small gator swims by

Looking for breakfast says I

We watch each other til he moves on

Only the wind moves the pole

An hour later I am gone

Fishing is over

Time to plan a garden

Hope you enjoyed some of the above. Feel free to share any of it.
Just note that it came from and thanks.