Sunday, April 3, 2016

Unicorn Seashell Crafts

Unicorn wakes as the sun comes up and lights up the beach. A beach rose blooms between some coral rocks and perfumes the air as the sun heats it up.


Fantasy. It is just a word. A word that helps bring to life many a thought, and in this case a couple of seashell crafts using Unicorns as the main subjects.

Then again, who is to say that in a parallel universe that crosses paths with our Earth in the wilder areas of the land, that Unicorns are not the norm?


Unicorn mare and her foal lay down on a remote beach on the enchanted isle (Puerto Rico) as the sun sinks and evening approaches.

The Coqui (little tree frog) came down from the tree tops to provide musical notes to complete the evening hour.

(note: no animals were harmed while setting up these crafts. Unicorns are enameled porcelain and entirely man made. Frog is also of man made materials - possibly ceramic. Seashells and coral were picked up on a local beach - already empty of their original inhabitants.)


To make your own Unicorn seashell crafts your first hurdle will be to find some miniature unicorns. There was a time when some gift shops and craft stores carried them but I haven't seen any in a store for quite some time. Perhaps you can do a search on the internet. Gel candle stores, Amazon or even Ebay may be places to try.

The round wood bases can be picked up in craft stores or Amazon. Stain them in a color you like if you wish or leave them plain. If left plain you may want to cover the naked wood with a clear coat of polyurethane.

Take a walk on the beach for seashells and sand. The seashells representing the sun are scallop seashells. You can also buy the seashells, coral, accessories and sand from various stores (including some items from Amazon - isn't that amazing).

I like to use standard white glue for these crafts. Takes a while to set but once set it works real well. (Make sure it is NOT  the washable kiddy (school?) glue).

Then use your imagination to set up a little scenario in which the Unicorns are the center of attention.