Monday, March 7, 2016

Featherlight - a poem

One day as I sat listening to the album Featherlight by Hillary Stagg (I sometimes use it as background for meditation attempts), some words made their desire known in my head to be written down. I share them with you in the following spiritual poem. Perhaps the words will inspire your thoughts, perhaps they will bring calm your soul or perhaps they will inflame your ire. Read the poem and see what's your reaction.


Sing to the wind,
free the mind,
of each day’s woe.
bring peace,
prepare the soul,
for a voyage beyond,
the corporeal.

Let each note,
gently sooth,
the day’s ravages.
Bring harmony,
sweet muse,
to settle the mind,
and ease transition.

Stroke a song,
calm the spirit,
ease daily turmoil.
Halt riotous thoughts,
let serenity in,
bring the soul,
to a higher plane.

Sing a song,
pure and gentle,
bring ease to troubled mind.
At day’s end
heart slows,
breath deepens,
sandman prepares to enter.

You can check out the album and play samples on Amazon (note: I am an affiliate). While there you can look at other Hillary Stagg albums.