Sunday, November 29, 2015

Flying Dolphins - a Seashell Craft

Front view - Seashell Craft Sculpture

The Story

A pair of dolphins were swimming along, when as dolphins do, they jumped out of the water showing off their strength and agility while having a bit of fun. One of the dolphins jumped so high it became airborne for a brief time, completely out of the ocean blue as though trying to imitate a bird on the wing.
The other dolphin rose up and up from the water's surface standing almost vertical. It moved its tail quickly back and forth, agitating the water's surface into froth before slipping back into the waters. They swam a bit further along just below the water's surface then dived deep, only to come up and repeat their feats of strength and agility.

Below them, much closer to the bottom along the reef's edge, a sea turtle swam ignoring the boisterous dolphins on the surface. The turtle was on a mission, a survival mission. It kept looking around the reef briefly checking out things that caught its interest. Perhaps it was looking for a bit of food, something to fill its tummy. A squid or a jelly fish (watch out for those bags!) would ease the hunger inside.

It could be the sea turtle needs a cleaning station - a place where small fish hang out waiting for larger animals to come by so they can remove algae and parasites from skin or carapace. Although this area is a bit barren, a more vibrant community of sea life could be further along the reef.
Back View - Seashell Craft Sculpture
Opposite of the sea turtle behind the scallop seashell, a single pearl has found a home. Currents pushed it along until it rolled right up and got stuck in place. How long, one wonders, until another current pushes the pearl off the scallop and back into a wandering journey.
* * * * *

How I Did It

This seashell craft is anchored on a small piece of decorative wood I found. It was probably part of something else but I don’t remember what. I had put it away for crafting. Now it has fulfilled its purpose.

The seashells, sand, and coral, even the piece of sea fan, all came from the beach. I found them during a beach combing expedition to the local beach. No animals where hurt during this expedition. All findings were washed up on the sand empty of life. The photo does not do the seashells justice. In hand they have subtle variations of color which make them interesting to look at.

The dolphins, the sea turtle and the pearl are bought items. I don't remember where I got them. A flea market or garage sale perhaps. I have bought things on the Internet so they may have come from there.

To make the water the dolphins are playing in, I filled the cavity of the seashell with hot glue while propping up the dolphins so they stayed in the position I wanted. Once the glue set I used the tip of the glue gun to create the illusion of waves. Then I painted the glue blue and highlighted the tops with white. I used acrylic hobby paints.

* * * * *


Amazon has just about everything you need for this craft or a similar one. Follow the link to miniature dolphins (affiliate link) pick the ones you want then do a search for the rest of the things you need.
* * * * *
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dark Night - A Poem

I wrote a version of this a few years ago and put it away, not to be seen again until recently when I cleaned up and sorted thru some old papers I had. I have rewritten the poem and now present it to you. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it in the comments section that follows the post.

evening dreams
twisted images
Nightmare approaches
dark thoughts -

mind benumbed

endless dark

bottomless depth

black waters -


darkness continues

suggestive paths

ebony skies

pull subconscious -


dreamer tosses

blankets crumple

dark rules

brain's pathways -


light shines
hazy white
darkness pales
strong spirit -
dark banished
thoughts slow
calmness returns
peace reigns -

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Spiritual Poems with Photos
walking across sand
footprints leave the past behind
bright future ahead 


SPIRIT! freedom calls
your adventure continues
beyond heaven's gates


across the waters
heaven's angels call souls to
eternal delight

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Finding Mrs. Turkey - micro story

I was presented with 3 words and told to fit them into a micro story of exactly 100 words (per Word counter). The three words were: turkey, semi-truck, and power-line. At first glance they have nothing in common. Just three words someone threw at me.

Now they are part of the micro-story I present below. The photos obviously are not mine, as I do not have any turkeys in my complex, well none of these types of turkeys anyway. Sometimes we do have turkey vultures flying over head looking for something to eat. They are welcome to any of the human turkeys living here that they can catch.

So please do read the story and if you like it, do share. A comment below would be welcome also.



Tom turkey held his head high looking at the six lane road with heavy traffic. Across the lanes he noticed a luscious hen turkey scratching the turf. How to get to her?

Nearby, power-line anchors stretched to the ground. Tom climbed one until he reached the upper line. Now above the traffic, he thought “I can do this.” He launched, wildly beating his wings.


Almost there, Tom hit the top of a semi-truck - SMACK, BAM. He rolled across and off the side – right onto the hen. They tumbled, got up and preened. One glance and they journeyed onward together.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Compact Disc Seashell Crafts

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 1

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 2

So you have a bunch of seashells and would like to do something with them besides dumping them in the local landfill. Well one possibility is using them with non-wanted or non-working CDs and DVDs to create seashell crafts. You can add colorful and shiny rhinestones, faux pearls, and an assortment of other jewels to add more glitter (heck use glitter if you like).
Here are photos of some the ones I have made using seashells from beachcombing. I've mixed in rhinestones in various colors, faux pearls show on a couple of these, and even gem stones. Seashells vary according to what I have picked up or bought but as long as there are seashells then they are seashell crafts (self-evident I'm sure).
I use blank CDs most times - I bought a 100 pack at one time to make music CDs and not all of them performed as desired - and non-wanted DVD's whenever I get one and don't want it. I think adding seashells and things makes them more interesting and desirable - mixed media art for home decoration or gifting.

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 1

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 2

Most often, when making these seashell crafts,  I put a matching design on the back of the disc. Of course there is no real reason to do this. You can put a totally different design on the other side of the disc or leave it blank. It's your seashell craft after all.

You can also make them for wall mount, for hanging or for a shelf or desktop. For hanging I drill a small hole at the top of the disc and thread a light fishing line through it. Once it's tied you can use the string to hang the compact disc craft from the rafters (or other suitable place).

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 1

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 2

If you would like Step-by-step instructions on putting one of these seashell crafts together I have a couple of articles on Hubpages that take you from step 1 to the finish. Use one of the following links:

Flower Design

Circle of Blue Gem Stones

Do you need supplies? Seashells, glue, rhinestones, faux pearls, and even sand (although I use the sand that gets stuck to the seashells and things I find when beachcombing) and other supplies can be found at Amazon (affiliate link - buy through here and I get a few pennies added to my account).

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 1

2-sided Seashell Craft - Side 2

I've shown you some possibilities with the 4 seashell crafts I designed on both sides of the disc above. Below are a few more photos of designs I've made. Sorry to say I do not know if I left the other side blank, did not take a photo of the other side, or it just plain got deleted. Either way they're not to bad to look at and can give you ideas for your own projects.

Single side of a Seashell Craft 
Colorful rhinestones in red and blue. I wonder where the white ones are hiding? 

Single side of a Seashell Craft
 It's a cross. Symbol of Christianity now-a-days although used in various ways in the past. It is also decorative.

Single side of a Seashell Craft 
Hey, it's the flower seashell craft I gave a link for earlier in this post. How the heck did it end up here? Pretty damn sneaky of it, if you ask me.

Single side of a Seashell Craft
 This one is supposed to represent a five sided star. 5 arms radiate outwards from a central seashell. Can you see it? A rainbow of colors for the rhinestones. I'm pretty sure this one was 2-sided.

Single side of a Seashell Craft 
The final photo in this post shows another possibility. Different size rhinestones of the same color curving around to point at a central faux pearl. The scallop shell at the bottom is nice and colorful and the hole in the middle will let a ray of sunshine through.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Monarch on Milkweed

One morning as I was checking up on the Silky Gold milkweed I had planted next to my home, I found a Monarch butterfly enjoying a few drafts from the opened yellow cups.

It stayed long enough for me to film the brief video above. Play it and see.