Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Pursuit of Dreams - Poetry, Haiku, Photos

I looked at the clouds floating overhead on a nice bright day and thought how beautiful our earthly sky looked. The puffs and wisps looked dreamy, something to do on a lazy summer day - dream.

Dream of a better world perhaps, or a better stewardship of the earth. Dream of a time gone past (not sure why - but do dream on), dream of a future to come (watch for possible nightmare scenarios creeping in), or just to dream your own fantasy (the beach, the park, the backyard - gnomes, giants, castles and the World of Oz too)

Well, I promised some poetry and here is the first poem I wrote (yeah, yeah - some of you may have seen this before - what the heck I'm a recycler). Take a read and see what you think of it:

Dreams fly by, puffs of white

Carried by the breeze to distant lands

To be captured there, by those able

Who relive the magic contained with-in

Released to be shared again

Did you enjoy it? Then get ready I have another one to share plus a haiku and another photo too.

Dreams just like to move on, never staying around in the original form for long - somewhat like the clouds that float across our skies. Some folks say that repetitive dreams are premonitions - a look at something that may come to be. Mine change just enough to keep the future fluid and not give me any hints what-so-ever of what may happen tomorrow. Guess the present is what I have and the future will just have to wait to be.

Here's another photo with a haiku following.

Dreams drift, high above

Wisps in the ether of space

Deep space adventures

I have to wonder just how far our dreams can go. Are they bound by the Mother's atmosphere as the clouds are? Do they separate from the clouds and drift off into space perhaps traveling to other worlds where they affect the dream state of other worldly beings? Perhaps some descendant of mine will find out some day.
Here is poem number 2. Perhaps you will like this one better or think it is worse. If you read them then consider leaving a thoughtful comment after the post. 

Dreams formed in the mind of man

Join wisps of vapor in the heavens

Hitch rides on the clouds floating across the land

Finding kindred minds in which to plant the seed

In altered state the seeds sprout and grow

Forming new dreams to collect and share

Wow! Heavy reading.

I hope I have riled up your brain. Perhaps gave it a reason to take pleasure in joining the dream state (no nightmares please - let's leave them for another day). What about you? What contributions to you have to the world of dreams that will give everyone on spaceship Earth some pleasant feelings?

Take a short walk out to your patio (or park, beach, backyard, porch, deck, etc.) on a nice bright day with white clouds and wisps floating by and do some day dreaming. There are a million or more pleasant things to dream about. Choose one or more and enter your dream state. Perhaps you can connect with the dreams floating by and add your own uniqueness to the stream.

Dreams drift by

high above our heads

Heading for places near

Heading for places far

Sharing the magic of imagination

With those of like minds

Who in their altered state

Add their thoughts to the ethereal

Sending them onward

To be shared again


Ok. If you made it this far, I have good news for you.
The above poem is the last of the entries for this post. That doesn't make it the least, it just happened to be the last one I wrote for this series. Now the 3 poems, and the haiku (a recent addition by-the-way) are all on one page.
Enjoy them. Think. Perhaps if you like this post you can share it ( I beg like a big-eyed puppy) and extend it's readers beyond yourself. Regardless, I thank you for taking the time to read all of this and hope you come back.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gray the Cat - photos - haiku

gray the cat on angelowrites
Posing for a portrait

This is Gray. We met a few years back when he first showed up in the neighborhood strutting his stuff for all to see. At that time he was in contention for territorial boss and was constantly challenging every cat he came across. This led to quite a few fights and he was loaded with claw marks.

Gray was captured by a neighbor and taken in to be neutered. This was about 6 months after macho cat moved in. As is the norm now-a-days, he was returned to our neighborhood once the Vet saw he would be fine. He's roamed our streets ever since.

Our relationship has moved to acceptance that this cat is not the cuddly type. We tried once when he first showed up at our door to bring him in and offer him a home. In those days, we called him Shadow. From there it went to Biter.

lethargic, purring,

laying on lap, sudden lunge –

bites… the feeding hand

Let's just say that both my lady and I have tried to pick up the cat and hold him with little success. He let's you pick him up but when he wants down, he doesn't just wiggle to let you know it - he strikes quick as a snake. His sharp and long canines puncture and rip your flesh. Blood pours out and the cat runs off with, in my case, a string of curses.
Now we just call him Gray. I have tried numerous times to find out his real name but he just ignores me.  I don't know if he understood my English (or Spanish which I also tried) but he will either walk away showing he's not interested, or sit down to watch me. He is quite a people watcher.
gray the cat on angelowrites
Watching as I walk around.
When he gets bored watching me doing whatever silly human thing I am doing he'll do a full body stretch, then just go into rest mode. I'll just leave him there, finish what I was doing and usually just go inside. Gray will just lay there until he's ready to go exploring again. Then it's up and saunter off into the landscape until the next visit.
gray the cat on angelowrites
 a stretch and a nap

So that's Gray the Cat. A feline macho package in a small body who's ready to take on the world - on his terms.

August 23, 2015

a cat at rest?

One of his favorite resting places
This morning when I looked out the kitchen window I saw Gray in one of his favorite resting spots - in front of my Kia Soul. Now I don't know if it's the Soul that attracts him or the spot in front of the car stop, but I have two parking spots and he seems to use the one my Soul is parked in rather than our Honda. Well everyone knows cats have soul and maybe that's the connection.
Gray looked like he was dead to the world when I saw him. His head was down on the ground and the only way you knew he was alive was his side moving up and down as he breathed. So I grabbed my camera and tried to sneak up on him to take the shot.
When I was about 8 feet away he suddenly raised his head (see the photo) and looked my way. Either being a street cat he has extraordinary senses that feel all around him, even at rest, or I am just too clumsy of a human and made just enough noise to get his attention (you can vote on it - leave your vote in comments).
So that is that. He lay there for about 1/2 hour more after I took the photo, then got up and did a stretch. He finished the stretch with a quick shake and walked away.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Traffic - haiku poetry

early morning rush,

tail lights in a blur, they pass,

into the twilight zone

I had my camera with me one day very early in the morning. I mean early, like before the Sun showed up to brighten things up. I was taking a health walk - well I was walking anyway. These cars, and a few others decided to fly by. Ok speed quickly down the street. Guess flying was out of the question - no wings!

Good thing I already had my camera prepped for a shoot. Otherwise they would have been ghosts in the before dawn gloom. Then again, I did cheat, as I was expecting these cars to rush by since I had seen them coming down the road. So here is a little haiku I wrote about them. Hope you like it and please do leave a comment and share.


A different traffic shot as I took an early morning walk one day. I wrote this haiku right on the photo. I suppose it could be considered a form of Haiga but since I'm not sure let's just leave it as a haiku with a visual effect.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sand Lot

Pompano Beach & Pier

breeze ruffles hair, breath
of cool on hot humid day
sandlot vacation
I took this photo of Pompano's beach a few years ago when I still had the desire to walk along the beach. The water was calm and clear since the breeze was coming out of the west. What a gorgeous morning to do nothing but walk along and enjoy the salty smell of the Atlantic.
Over the years City Hall has "improved" the beach area making it a bit more costly to visit but adding some nice touches to the walking areas along the street and pier. They are planning on making more changes such as designer parking garage on the current parking lot. I'm sure that will help raise costs to visit the beach a bit more but the tourists and local residents will sure enjoy it.
Still the sand will be sand. The water will flow back and forth, sometimes a little - sometimes a lot. The sky will be clear one day and clouded over on another day. The wind will blow gently and it will blow roughly. And when man walks away, the sand, water, sky and wind will still be here doing what they do best - existing.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars feast on my Silky Gold Milkweed

I had Monarch Butterflies visiting my mini-garden in April. They drank nectar from the flowers and laid eggs on the leaves. A couple of weeks later the eggs hatched and itty-bitty caterpillars started their race to eat everything they could and get bigger - much bigger. The two shown here are a little over 2 inches long. These are just 2 of about a dozen that were munching on the leaves and flowers of the Silky Gold Milkweed. 
caterpillars crawl
seeking succulent green leaves
fast track growth factor
"Munch, munch, munch .... eat it all - grow long and thick."

Eventually all the caterpillars disappeared. Only a few of the dozen or so actually made cocoons. I found two but there may have been more as the mature caterpillars move off and look for their own little piece real estate to hang from.
"Wow, I am now nice and fat and full of good stuff from this plant.
Time to find a good place to hang and transform."
With a bit of time, the Silky milkweed started to come back to life. New leaves sprouted from the nodes. There were a couple of branches that didn't survive the monarch caterpillars onslaught but most of them came back. I'd say this was about a week after the caterpillars left.

The last photo shows the milkweed plant moving toward full recovery. Leaves have sprouted everywhere and grown larger. More leaf nodes had started putting out leaves along the stems. Eventually the plant would be full of green and flower buds would show up.
eaten to the bones,
Monarch caterpillar feast,
rebirth – new leaves sprout
Then it would wait for a butterfly to come by and sip nectar - hopefully fertilizing the flowers as it moves among them and allowing seed pods to form. Unless a Monarch came by first - a female Monarch laden with eggs and looking for a good place to lay them.
"Milkweed at last and so lush.
Now I can lay my eggs and give my babies a chance at life."
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